Kerala - history

Kerala is first mentioned (as Keralaputra) in a 3rd-century-BCE rock inscription left by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka. In the last centuries BCE this region became famous among the Greeks and Romans for its spices (especially pepper). During the first five centuries CE the region was a part of Tamilakam—the territory...

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Kerala -climate

The climate of Kerala is equable and varies little from season to season. Throughout the year, daily temperatures usually rise from the low 70s F (low 20s C) into the 80s F (27 to 32 °C). The state is directly exposed to the southwest monsoon, which prevails from July through...

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Kerala -geography

Kerala, southwestern coastal state of India. It is a small state, constituting only about 1 percent of the total area of the country. Kerala stretches for about 360 miles (580 km) along the Malabar Coast, varying in width from roughly 20 to 75 miles (30 to 120 km). It is...

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